Friends of Harrington Beach

Winter at Harrington Beach

Winter at Harrington Beach sounds like a great movie title.  Can you see the warming fire in the Ansay Welcome Center as well as the roaring fire in the fire pit out back, groups of chatty family and friends walking Quarry Trail, cold fingers warmed by a cup of steaming cocoa, rosy-cheeked children?  Maybe this isn't a heart-pounding action adventure but a heart warming reunion drama.  And some characters can't talk; deer, racoons, chickadees, and a silent red-tailed hawk in flight.  Be on the look out for snowy owls.

And did you check out the beach?  Ice volcano formations along with ice shelving.  Just be very cautious walking on the ice shelving as they are better viewed from a distance.  It looks like we have had someone out to cross country ski along the shuttle road but the snow fall has been at a minimum.  Remember, skiers to the right and walkers to the left on the road.  

The Friends of Harrington Beach extend a wish for a happy and prosperous New Year 2018 with many fun visits to our beautiful Wisconsin State Parks!

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