Friends of Harrington Beach

Time for Winter Slush

Walking at Harrington can be a challenge this time of year.  We've had a lot of rain but the temps are still cold enough not to completely melt the snow.  That equals slush!  If you take it slow and watch your step, you can hear the waves crashing with a slushy sound off the beach.  The chickadees and nuthatches will come to the bird seed in your hand.  Keep your eyes open for flashes of red as the cardinals are in the bird mix too.  They like sunflower seeds.

And you can smell spring close on the heels of this wintry mix. Harrington Beach is fine for all senses any time of the year.  Slushy late winter is no exception.

The regularly scheduled board meeting for this Thursday, February 22 is cancelled.  The next meeting open to the public is March 22.

Bring your umbrella and a friend and enjoy the park!

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