News from the Park

Autumn Update - 2021

20211108 105928 1The park continues to provide lovely areas to bicycle, ride horses, walk or run, observe animals and birds, enjoy the lovely late-season flowers and grasses, fish, and hunt. Swimming was good this summer with warmer water temperatures and the lower lake levels, with sand bars to play on near shore. Staff cleared some of the downed trees on the south beach that gave more room for visitors with dogs.

playground plan introInstallation of the playground has been deferred until spring, due to delays in decisions on the equipment and the exact placement of the playground, cancellation of the NRB meeting that would have had the donation proposal on its agenda, and Lee Recreation’s busy schedule. While we now have the money needed for the project, we will continue to accept donations to cover unexpected expenses related to the installation. We are grateful to the donors who helped us reach our goal.

Lake Michigan erosion at Harrington Beach State ParkThe DNR staff are working on a plan to rebuild the part of the Stonehaven (shuttle) road that was undermined by the high water levels. Unfilled staff positions in the Kohler-Andrae and Harrington Beach State Parks reduced the office hours and ability to provide educational programs.

The Ansay Center has been closed for the winter season. It will be open again for rentals in early June. Consider the Ansay Center for your 2022 events! More information can be found here:

The Friends of HBSP need more Board members. Our next meeting will be on February 22, 2022; watch for more details on our event calendar and Facebook page.

Summer Update - June 2021

South Beach AreaSummer at the park offers us all so many more activities to enjoy in the outdoors.  The Friends are happy to be able to again offer the vending machines and sell firewood that is from dead trees that are cut down in the park and bucked by park staff.  Volunteers split the wood, stack it, and move it to the woodshed as needed.  Visitors can purchase wood when the drive-up window is open, and all proceeds go to park projects. We missed holding the free Pancake Breakfast again this year and we await DNR guidelines for other events this summer.

We are grateful for the donations and grants made to our playground fund.  Your donation of any amount can be made online (donate via PayPal), at the office, or by mailing a check to the HB office.  Visit our playground project page for more details:

North Beach AreaWe need new board members to replace several whose terms expired.  Board members work with park staff in planning appropriate volunteer projects and raising money to improve the park. Please email us at  if you have questions or would like to be a board member.

It is great to see our sandy beach widen again as Lake Michigan water levels have decreased.  Like other beaches along the Lake Michigan shoreline our mile long shoreline was affected by the high water and waves. One set of steps has been reinstalled, near the Quarry Lake shelter.   The best swimming area for people is the north beach area a bit south of the Ansay Center path.  It is now open almost to the point.  The beach by the South picnic area has also widened, but it is rockier.  People with pets are allowed to use only the beach south of the point.
Shuttle Road Path

The detour off the Stonehaven shuttle road has been removed. Staff roped off a walk area away from the undermined road section so visitors can walk the entire paved road.

For other information on park activities click on “activities” on this website. You can call the park office with questions; they are open daily now and will return messages.  Also, check the Friends Facebook posts that appear under News on this page.


Harrington Beach State Park Playground Project

The Harrington Beach State Park Playground Project Needs Your Support!

Dear Friends of HBSP,
We are happy to tell you that we are raising funds to have playground equipment installed at the park. This will offer another amenity to day visitors, campers, and users of the cabin for persons with disabilities.

Playground PlanOur committee has reviewed a number of equipment options over the past year. After viewing our financial resources, we set a budget of $100,000 for a project that was first included in the park’s 2004 master plan, and then deferred for several budget cycles. We were fortunate to have recently received a bequest from the estate of Jeanne Hare, whose original intention was to help fund the cabin. We will use some of that bequest to fund the accessible portions of the playground. Other money will come from our past sales of firewood, t-shirts, bird and bat houses, and from past donations.

Please help us to meet our goal of raising the $30,000 we still need. The project cannot be submitted and accepted by the Natural Resources Board until we have the entire amount.

We are a 501c3 non-profit organization so donations can be tax deductible, or made as qualified charitable distributions by persons over 70 ½ from certain accounts. Please check IRS and your state tax rules, or with your tax accountant, to confirm that your donation is eligible for tax deductions.  

Help Us Reach Our Goal!

Donations by check or money order can be sent to:
Friends of HBSP c/o Harrington Beach State Park
531 County Rd D, Belgium, Wi 53004

Donate Online
You can also donate via credit card: DONATE ONLINE>>

Donations of any amount are welcome!
If you are unable to donate money, we will welcome your volunteer help in setting up the playground when it has been approved.

Thank you,
Friends of HBSP Board members
Rebecca Hall      Rhondella Morgen     Mark Schowalter    Ray Cary  
Neil Kraemer       Jim Schmit      Elaine Stecker-Kochanski


Friends of HBSP News - Autumn 2020

Enjoy the Autumn Beauty of the Park!

Quarry LakeAutumn is offering park visitors the enjoyment of outdoor exercise amid the changing colors of leaves and lakes. Walking or bicycling on the Stonehaven Road is pleasant without vehicle traffic, even with the detour caused by part of it being closed by Lake Michigan’s shoreline erosion.  Quarry Lake’s waterfall expands and diminishes depending on rainfall.  The prairie grasses of the Bobolink Trail wave high. Bow hunters can be seen in areas of the park open to hunting. 

The Friends of the Park have missed our volunteer activities and in person meetings with other people who support the park.  We felt frustrated at not being able to offer the Fall Harvest Fest with music and torch lit walks and good food, after missing out on all the naturalist programs this summer.  We continue to plan for providing some accessible playground equipment in the picnic area near the Ansay Center, hopefully by next summer.

When winter brings snow to the park, come back to ski or snowshoe.  In past years, staff would clear half of the Stonehaven Road for walkers, leaving the other side snow covered for skiers to set a trail. Snowshoers can use other snowy areas in the park.   A local snowmobile trail crosses through the park between County D and Cedar Beach Road.