Friends of Harrington Beach

Volunteer Opportunities Ahead

We have a small crew of faithful volunteers.  They would like to share the workload with you with a variety of volunteer opportunities.  

An immediate response is needed on the first one.  Phyllis, our new Naturalist Educator and the face you see first at the Visitor Center has this opportunity for you.  

FROM PHYLLIS: I'm reaching out to you to see if any of you would be interested and available to help with a kite making and flying program this summer. I have a friend who flies a stunt kite. She's also a naturalist and educator. She'd love to help with a program, so I am looking for extra hands to help kids make kites that they can then fly on the beach or elsewhere in the park.

The dates we're considering are Saturday, June 8th, or Saturday, August 3rd. I know that kite-making programs can be a big draw, so I'm looking for helpers. I'll settle on a date once I see how much help I can get. Please let me know in the next few days if you're up for helping or if you know of others who might lend a hand!  Call Phyllis at the park office - 262-285-3015.


Concessions Manager and Volunteer Coordinator:  This year we would love to open our concessions located at the Ansay Welcome Center.  But without a manager, we can't.  Are you up for a challenge of getting volunteers together, ordering supplies, working a few hours yourself?  Please contact Nancy through our email - .

Soda Machine Stocker and Ordering: Our faithful friend, Neil is looking for someone to help with soda machine stocking, ordering and cash collection.  He typically opens and stocks the machines by the Welcome Center, Office and Campgrounds prior to the start of May 1st camping season.  He is willing to show you the ropes.  Contact us asap through our email if you want to find out more about this volunteer opportunity -

Wood Transport Crew: This crew manages a labor of love to transport the wood culled from downed trees and seasoned through the winter from the maintenance shed off of County Rd D to the firewood shed by the Visitor Center.  We sell a lot of wood to campers and day visitors during May through October.  The profits from park wood is money that stays at Harrington Beach State Park. Last year our profits topped $14, 000.  BUT we need willing volunteers and strong backs.  All that is required is for you to watch a short video for equipment safety.  Park equipment is available to transport the wood.  Many hands make light work, so contact us today and we'll put your name on a list for future volunteer opportunities.

There are many other volunteer needs.  To ask what the park staff needs most, call the office at 262-285-3015.  Thanks and see you at the park!

Spring Comes to Harrington Beach SP

Today I saw a robin out in the yard.  Not one robin but a big flock were in the empty lot by my yard.  Spring is here when the robins come north. And the geese are making their way back.

Coming up is our annual dinner/business meeting on Thursday, April 25th.  The Friends will provide dinner at 6PM and the business meeting starts at 6:30PM.  Invitations are going out soon with more details. This meeting is open to the public and members are encouraged to attend. We will be taking nominations for officers of the board ahead of the meeting by contacting us through our email at . If you have questions about the requirements for board members, call Nancy Hise at 920-915-1595 or send us an email.  

Check back often for updates on our upcoming programming and events at the park. Or check out our FaceBook page. Friends of Harrington

Enjoy the robins and warmer temps!  See you at the park.

2019 Fall Harvest Hike Scheduled and More

BRRRRRRR!  Minus 22 this morning and that should not be in my vocabulary. If you are outdoors at the park to walk and view the ice shelves, be smart and bundle up!  The ice shelves off the beach may not be stable because of undercutting by the water flow.  (I'll take my mom hat off now!)

Enjoy the beautiful sounds and color of Wisconsin Winter at Harrington Beach.  Our Facebook followers are posting beautiful pictures!   Keep your eyes open for photo contests and calendar photo submissions by Friends of Wisconsin State Parks or Wisconsin DNR.

Two events have been added to our Friends calendar under the EVENTS tab.  The annual Work/Earth/Play day starts at 9am until 1pm on Saturday, April 27th at Harrington Beach.  Contact the office to sign up.  Bring your scout troop, civic or family group to help beautify our park.  I am sure there will be trees to plant.

Saturday, October 12 from 6pm until 8pm was just scheduled for our Fall Harvest Hike.  We will offer food, hot beverages, music and chili with lots of treats!  Walk the beach or around the Quarry Lake.

We moved the start of our open-to-the-public board meetings to 6pm.  If you have considered getting more involved in the decision making and planning with the Friends, a non-profit, 501c organization, reach out to us via email at , call the park office at 262-285-3015 or call Nancy Hise at 920-915-1595.  We are holding our annual dinner/meeting April 25th.  At that meeting we hold board member election.  Several board members positions are open.  Nancy can give you more information about the time commitment involved in board participation.

Again, enjoy the park and stay in touch with the Friends!  Happy Winter Days!

Winter Hikes ~ Trail Condition Report

The trails are packed with a thin layer of hike-able snow.  That same layer might be okay for cross-country skiers.  With a sunny, warm afternoon on the horizon tomorrow, we may lose the snow cover but gain great traction for hiking.  There are a few short icy patches around Quarry lake.

Regardless, the Ansay Welcome Center will be open with a warming fire, hot beverages and treats.  Bring your family and friends and a game, take a hike and enjoy the outdoors and expect a great afternoon. Your four footed friends are welcome; just not in the buildings.

If you have the time to bake a treat, we will gladly sample and include it in our treat offerings! 

Vehicle admission is required to enter the park.  The ranger/entry station will be open or use the self-registration box.  

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Upcoming Events

23 May
Friends Board Meeting
05/23/2019 6:00 pm - 7:30 pm
Open to the public monthly board meeting. Meet at the Entrance Station/Visitor Center
25 May
Dutch Oven Cooking
05/25/2019 1:00 pm - 3:00 pm
Join Nancy and Friends for a demonstration of dutch oven cooking. We will explore the roots of this pioneer cookery and taste test a couple of examples of what you can cook in a dutch oven. Meet in at the fire pit in the back of Ansay Welcome Center.
26 May
Observatory Viewing
05/26/2019 9:00 pm - 11:00 pm
Join the Northern Cross Science Foundation for an evening of star gazing. The Plunket's Observatory holds the 20" Panarusky telescope and is located by Puckett's Pond shelter.
1 Jun
Ozaukee County Fishing Clinic
06/01/2019 9:00 am - 3:00 pm
Come to the annual fishing clinic at Puckett's Pond. It's free to get into the park this weekend. You don't need a fishing license on this day. We'll provide food, and the fishing equipment. Just show up. To get your name on the list for this day of price-is-right fun, call DNR Conservation Warden Tony Young. 262-993-0078
2 Jun
Friends Annual Breakfast In the Park
06/02/2019 8:00 am - 12:00 pm
Enjoy a free all-you-can eat pancake breakfast, with a side of sausage and applesauce, prepared and served by the Friends of Harrington Beach SP. Donations are gratefully accepted and directly benefit Harrington Beach. After a relaxing breakfast, served with coffee, milk and juice, enjoy the beauty of Harrington Beach; take a stroll or run, fish the Quarry or play on the beach. No park admission required during the State Parks Open House weekend.