News from the Park

Friends of HBSP News - Autumn 2020

Enjoy the Autumn Beauty of the Park!

Quarry LakeAutumn is offering park visitors the enjoyment of outdoor exercise amid the changing colors of leaves and lakes. Walking or bicycling on the Stonehaven Road is pleasant without vehicle traffic, even with the detour caused by part of it being closed by Lake Michigan’s shoreline erosion.  Quarry Lake’s waterfall expands and diminishes depending on rainfall.  The prairie grasses of the Bobolink Trail wave high. Bow hunters can be seen in areas of the park open to hunting. 

The Friends of the Park have missed our volunteer activities and in person meetings with other people who support the park.  We felt frustrated at not being able to offer the Fall Harvest Fest with music and torch lit walks and good food, after missing out on all the naturalist programs this summer.  We continue to plan for providing some accessible playground equipment in the picnic area near the Ansay Center, hopefully by next summer.

When winter brings snow to the park, come back to ski or snowshoe.  In past years, staff would clear half of the Stonehaven Road for walkers, leaving the other side snow covered for skiers to set a trail. Snowshoers can use other snowy areas in the park.   A local snowmobile trail crosses through the park between County D and Cedar Beach Road.

Friends of HBSP News - Summer 2020

It is a different summer at the park in 2020

The office remains closed so some visitors remain puzzled as to how to pay admission and where to go or not go. The campground was opened later than usual, and the cabin and group campground even later.

The Friends of the Park are unable to sell firewood, ice, shirts and other merchandise from the office, and soda and water from vending machines, so have no income that would eventually go back to the park. We cannot use or rent out the Ansay Center. We can do volunteer work only singly, following Covid-19 precautions.

The Friends again funded a natural resource educator position and Phyllis planned a wonderful schedule of programs by her and guest presenters. So far those events, as well as the Northern Cross Foundation opening the observatory, cannot take place. Shoreline beach areas have been reduced by erosion and downed trees. Staircases and benches have had to be removed and there is no weekend shuttle bus. The erosion undermined the shuttle trail between the Quarry Lake and Pet Picnic areas, requiring closing of that section of the Stonehaven Trail road, with a detour to the south beach area. The lovely north beach is now shrunk and contains more stones than sand, and the south beach is totally stony.

It is the same summer in the park in many ways

purplemartinhouseThe purple martins returned to their house by the office and sing beautifully. The bobolinks and other birds fill the prairie areas. Rabbits and fawns were born and can be seen in the meadows and woods.

Spring flowers gave way to summer blooms, and although they are invasive the dame rocket purple flowers were stunning again. Now the brown eyed susans, grey headed coneflowers, goldenrod, and purple bergamot color the park.

People fish in Quarry Lake and many love to walk its trail around the lake. People still use the beach, and especially enjoyed some warm and calmer water for swimming earlier in July.



Friends of HBSP News - Spring 2020

COVID19 - If you have any questions about DNR guidelines and instructions visiting our
state parks, please go to first. Our Visitor Centers is closed but staff is
monitoring phone messages. Be patient with hearing back from park staff concerning
your phone inquiries.

Annual Meeting, scheduled for Tuesday, April 28 at 6pm, may be rescheduled for the
future. We will keep you informed in changes affecting meetings and gatherings.

From Phyllis - HBSP Naturalist Educator
Phyllis is currently busy scheduling summer programming for our visitors/campers.
Here are two areas, among many, that she is asking for volunteers.

Wanted: Friends interested in photography to help plan and orchestrate a Wildflower
Photography Contest at Harrington Beach State Park. As flowers begin to unfold this
spring, visitors to the park can begin snapping digital pictures for the Wildflower
Photography Contest. I'm looking for a few people to help decide how best to
submit, judge, and share these photos of the park. If you'd like to help, contact Phyllis at

In an effort to more appropriately honor those remembered with benches around the park,
we will begin removing the most worn benches and benches located in risky situations.
Anyone associated with a bench in the park, who did not contact the park last summer,
should contact the park office with their name, phone number and a description of the
location of the bench and to whom the bench was dedicated. This is especially important
for benches that have no plaque on them. Call 262-285-3015 and leave a message; mail
your information to the park office, Harrington Beach State Park, 531 Co Rd D, Belgium
WI 53004; or email to .

Be Safe and Healthy!
Nancy for the Friends

Message from Nancy

Hi Friends,

(Don’t stop reading if you aren’t on Facebook!). Are you a Facebook user? Would you get the word out on Facebook about our upcoming events by doing two steps?  Go to the Friends Facebook page Friends of Harrington Beach State Park, like 👍 the events, then share them to your own timeline. Three events have been posted recently; March 24 Board meeting, April 28 Annual Meeting and Work Earth Play Day on April 25th.  

If you are NOT a Facebook user, when you talk about your awesome hike accompanied by our deer friends and the scenic views of Lake Michigan at Harrington Beach, be sure your friends and family know about the Friends; a non-profit group of volunteers who provide fun, funds and a future for our park.  AND the funds benefit Harrington Beach exclusively.

Think about how you learned about the Friends. I heard through a neighbor 11 years ago. Yes, word-of-mouth works best!  As friendships developed through Friends activities and meetings, along with 3 seasons employed in the office, I fell in love with Harrington Beach all the more.  

Statewide, many Friends groups are comprised of retirement-aged folks with the time, passion and focus to dedicate to volunteer pursuits.  It’s a great place to be in life.  Inevitably, time marches on to bring health challenges, life changes and moves.  All this to let you know that Harrington Beach Friend’s board has upcoming board vacancies.  If you are the least bit curious about being a part of a non-profit board, join us at our regularly scheduled board meeting on March 24th at 6pm at the Park Office.  No strings attached, no obligation, no pressure.  You are welcome to just observe. 

Thanks to all our Friends and especially my fellow board members as I say "see you later” in April.  The past three years as President has been rewarding as we have built community, worked in the dirt, faced challenges and stuck together to benefit our lovely park, Harrington Beach!

See you around the park!