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2019 Fall Harvest Hike Scheduled and More

BRRRRRRR!  Minus 22 this morning and that should not be in my vocabulary. If you are outdoors at the park to walk and view the ice shelves, be smart and bundle up!  The ice shelves off the beach may not be stable because of undercutting by the water flow.  (I'll take my mom hat off now!)

Enjoy the beautiful sounds and color of Wisconsin Winter at Harrington Beach.  Our Facebook followers are posting beautiful pictures!   Keep your eyes open for photo contests and calendar photo submissions by Friends of Wisconsin State Parks or Wisconsin DNR.

Two events have been added to our Friends calendar under the EVENTS tab.  The annual Work/Earth/Play day starts at 9am until 1pm on Saturday, April 27th at Harrington Beach.  Contact the office to sign up.  Bring your scout troop, civic or family group to help beautify our park.  I am sure there will be trees to plant.

Saturday, October 12 from 6pm until 8pm was just scheduled for our Fall Harvest Hike.  We will offer food, hot beverages, music and chili with lots of treats!  Walk the beach or around the Quarry Lake.

We moved the start of our open-to-the-public board meetings to 6pm.  If you have considered getting more involved in the decision making and planning with the Friends, a non-profit, 501c organization, reach out to us via email at , call the park office at 262-285-3015 or call Nancy Hise at 920-915-1595.  We are holding our annual dinner/meeting April 25th.  At that meeting we hold board member election.  Several board members positions are open.  Nancy can give you more information about the time commitment involved in board participation.

Again, enjoy the park and stay in touch with the Friends!  Happy Winter Days!

Winter Hikes ~ Trail Condition Report

The trails are packed with a thin layer of hike-able snow.  That same layer might be okay for cross-country skiers.  With a sunny, warm afternoon on the horizon tomorrow, we may lose the snow cover but gain great traction for hiking.  There are a few short icy patches around Quarry lake.

Regardless, the Ansay Welcome Center will be open with a warming fire, hot beverages and treats.  Bring your family and friends and a game, take a hike and enjoy the outdoors and expect a great afternoon. Your four footed friends are welcome; just not in the buildings.

If you have the time to bake a treat, we will gladly sample and include it in our treat offerings! 

Vehicle admission is required to enter the park.  The ranger/entry station will be open or use the self-registration box.  

Winter at Harrington Beach

Are you itching to slap on the skis to do some cross country at Harrington?  How about enjoying all the wildlife while breathing the fresh air?  Bring your four-footed buddy to walk the South Beach designated dog area.  Bicycling along the Stonehaven trail will net you a three mile spin.  Or walk the trails and listen to the chickadees.  

Fall colors may be gone but there is a wildness about bleak mid-winter and a beauty in the crisp cold air.  Even though we don't have snow at this writing, hope is high for the white stuff to come.

Our winter hike day are set up for you to come to the Ansay Welcome Center for hot beverages and hot dogs.  Games will be out on the table or bring your own.  A fire in the fire place will be going.  See the Events tab at the top of this page.  

All vehicles are required to pay an admittance fee.  If the Entrance Station is closed, please self register at the box past the stop sign.

Fall Harvest Hike Announcement

Several things are new at our Fall Harvest Hike at Harrington Beach State Park!  First and foremost is the date.  On Saturday, September 29th from 6pm until 9pm we'll light the tiki torches, open the Ansay Welcome Center, offer free (donations always accepted) chili/soup supper AND music.  Tuesday Afternoon, a local, instrumental, high-energy Celtic band will entertain us from 7-8:30pm.

Your smiling face could also be new!  Come and simply enjoy an evening at Harrington and/or join our dedicated group of volunteers to help out with one of the following:

  • Set up tiki torches, 4 people needed for a total of 4 hours prior to the event and 1 hour after
  • Greet our visitors and give directions and answer questions - need 3 people
  • Help serve chili or refresh the serving line items - need 4 people
  • Parking and traffic attendants - 3 people under Park Staff supervision
  • Shuttle rider after dark -  1 person to assist the shuttle driver with on/off traffic
  • Band runner - 1 person to assist music band set up and take down
  • Donate dessert items - 3 people to supply 2 dozen cookies or bars

If you are interested in any of the areas listed, email us at , call the park office at 262-285-3015 or connect with us on our Facebook page, Friends of Harrington.

Did you know that the Friends Board is made up of 8 awesome people who do the lion's share of work to put on the hikes?  Did you know that our monthly board meetings held on the 4th Thursday evening of the month are open to the public?  Did you know that we are currently seeking additional Board members with the requirement that you are a member of the Friends and love Harrington Beach State Park as much as we do?

Glad to answer your questions!  And we'll see you at the hike!

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Upcoming Events

28 Feb
Friends Board Meeting
02/28/2019 6:00 pm - 7:30 pm
Open to the public monthly board meeting. Meet at the Entrance Station/Visitor Center
28 Mar
Friends Board Meeting
03/28/2019 6:00 pm - 7:30 pm
Open to the public monthly board meeting. Meet at the Entrance Station/Visitor Center
25 Apr
Friends Annual Meeting
04/25/2019 6:00 pm - 8:00 pm
Annual Friends Meeting at Ansay Welcome Center. Dinner at 6pm with business meeting starting at 6:30pm. More details in February 2019
27 Apr
Work/Earth/Play Day
04/27/2019 9:00 am - 1:00 pm
Clean up, plant trees and have a productive work day at the park. Then join the Friends for a free lunch at the Ansay Welcome Center. If you have a scout troop, civic or family group coming, call the park office to let them know. 262-285-3015
23 May
Friends Board Meeting
05/23/2019 6:00 pm - 7:30 pm
Open to the public monthly board meeting. Meet at the Entrance Station/Visitor Center