News from the Park

2013 Annual Meeting News

Written by Rhondella Morgan

If we had only known that holding the Friends of Harrington Beach State Park annual meeting would usher in 60 and 70 degree days, we would have held it the end of February.  Too bad the Bylaws won’t allow that!  Now for some updates.

Annual Meeting:  The annual meeting was held on April 25, 2013.  We had about 25 people in attendance.  My favorite part of the night is recognizing volunteers for their service.  This year we recognized Denny Goldsmith, Elaine Nulph, Mark Jacoby, Nancy Hise and Neil Kraemer.  The Monarch Butterfly program is being funded in their honor.

Annual Volunteer Day:  Saturday, April 27 several scouting groups, individuals and families joined staff to plant 200 trees in the campground.   They worked from 9:00 a.m. until 3:00 p.m until ALL the trees were planted.  The Friends provided lunch for the volunteers.  

Breakfast in the Park:  The annual breakfast in the park will be held  on Sunday, June 2, 2013 from 9- noon.  Come enjoy pancakes, sausage, apple sauce, coffee and milk.  This year we will not be charging for the event but instead ask for free will donations.  We will need help with setup, cooking, serving and cleanup.  Two of this years volunteers are Rich and Peg Evans.  Rich is the former ranger at Harrington Beach State Park.  Please call the office at (262)285-3015 or email  if you are able to help.  The Ozaukee County Triathlon will be starting and ending at the lower lake.  Stop out and cheer them on as they run and bike. This is Open House day at the park so a park sticker will not be required to enter the park.  Funds raised from this years Breakfast in the Park will be used for the accessible cabin

Treasures of Oz:  This year the Quarry at Harrington Beach State Park will be one of the featured stops for the Treasures of Oz event.  This will be on June 15, 2013.  You will not need a state park sticker to enter the park on this day.  As part of the event there will be a history of the quarry given. 

      Summer Events:  The Purple Martin house was set in place and raised Saturday, April 27.  Check it out when you are in the park.  It is located directly northeast of the Park Office.  It's hard to miss this beautiful 'apartment' for our feathered friends.  The summer program schedule and Northern Cross Astronomy events are posted on the Friends website and Facebook page.  Robin Miller, Ranger/Naturalist, explained the Monarch Butterfly project she is organizing for mid-late August.  The task will be to go in a meadow of milkweed with butterfly nets and catch the monarch butterflies.  The butterflies will be tested for the OE parasite, tagged and released.  When the butterflies migrate, we will get reports of where they are found and be able to map their locations.  Robin will give a more detailed report later.  There will be training for this project before going out in the field.  You are invited to participate!

Camping:  The camping season is upon us.  If you have never been there, you need to check our campground out.  Are you looking for a great place to stay with family and friends?  Check out the Group campsite.  As in the past, firewood and ice will be available for sale at the Park Office. 

Concession Stand: It was exciting to hear Tara Kos talk about the concession stand at the annual meeting.  There were many people giving ideas of things they would like to see available for sale.  Tara will be using their recommendations in her planning of product sales.  The concession stand is scheduled to open Memorial Weekend.  She is looking for volunteers to spend 3 hours or more on Saturday or Sunday.

Adolph and Marie Ansay Welcome Center:  Do you have a graduating senior, upcoming wedding or planning a family reunion?  The Welcome Center may be just what you need.  It is available for rent on a daily basis.  Call the park office at 262-285-3015 to check its available dates and/or to reserve the building.

Financial Update:  At the annual meeting Neil announced we had a net profit from product sales and donations totaling approximately $34,000 this last year.  There is a total of $78,573 on account between Checking, Savings and the Accessible Cabin account.  Although a major portion of this is for the accessible cabin, we have about $20,000 available to invest in the park.  It was announced we have started putting aside funds for playground equipment to be purchased and installed.  We are one of the few state parks without a playground and something people have been requesting.

Our next board meeting will be held at 7 p.m. on Thursday, May 23 at the Adolph and Marie Ansay Welcome Center.  The meetings are open to the public so please come join us.