News from the Park

Friends of HBSP News - Autumn 2020

Written by Rebecca Hall

Enjoy the Autumn Beauty of the Park!

Quarry LakeAutumn is offering park visitors the enjoyment of outdoor exercise amid the changing colors of leaves and lakes. Walking or bicycling on the Stonehaven Road is pleasant without vehicle traffic, even with the detour caused by part of it being closed by Lake Michigan’s shoreline erosion.  Quarry Lake’s waterfall expands and diminishes depending on rainfall.  The prairie grasses of the Bobolink Trail wave high. Bow hunters can be seen in areas of the park open to hunting. 

The Friends of the Park have missed our volunteer activities and in person meetings with other people who support the park.  We felt frustrated at not being able to offer the Fall Harvest Fest with music and torch lit walks and good food, after missing out on all the naturalist programs this summer.  We continue to plan for providing some accessible playground equipment in the picnic area near the Ansay Center, hopefully by next summer.

When winter brings snow to the park, come back to ski or snowshoe.  In past years, staff would clear half of the Stonehaven Road for walkers, leaving the other side snow covered for skiers to set a trail. Snowshoers can use other snowy areas in the park.   A local snowmobile trail crosses through the park between County D and Cedar Beach Road.