News from the Park

Introducting Robin Miller

Written by Nancy Hise

Introducing Robin Miller - Ranger at Harrington Beach State Park

Robin Miller is the newest member of Harrington Beach State Park hired in September 2012.  She graduated Concordia University with a BA in Criminal Justice.  Her primary interest at Harrington is to promote educational interpretive programming highlighting unique features of the park.  She will also be an active law enforcement ranger this summer. 

Her passion to provide educational programming in 2013 will focus on a capture, tag and release program that tracks the movements of Monarch butterflies.  She is already working to schedule experts to teach park visitors and campers about Wildlife, Stonehaven Quarry History and many other popular programs held in the past. 

The Friends of Harrington Beach State Park welcome Robin and encourage you to stop in the office and get to know the newest member of the park staff. 

In the future we will highlight members of the staff giving you an opportunity to know more about the people that make your park an engaging and fun place to visit!