News from the Park

Message from Nancy

Written by Rebecca Hall

Hi Friends,

(Don’t stop reading if you aren’t on Facebook!). Are you a Facebook user? Would you get the word out on Facebook about our upcoming events by doing two steps?  Go to the Friends Facebook page Friends of Harrington Beach State Park, like ? the events, then share them to your own timeline. Three events have been posted recently; March 24 Board meeting, April 28 Annual Meeting and Work Earth Play Day on April 25th.  

If you are NOT a Facebook user, when you talk about your awesome hike accompanied by our deer friends and the scenic views of Lake Michigan at Harrington Beach, be sure your friends and family know about the Friends; a non-profit group of volunteers who provide fun, funds and a future for our park.  AND the funds benefit Harrington Beach exclusively.

Think about how you learned about the Friends. I heard through a neighbor 11 years ago. Yes, word-of-mouth works best!  As friendships developed through Friends activities and meetings, along with 3 seasons employed in the office, I fell in love with Harrington Beach all the more.  

Statewide, many Friends groups are comprised of retirement-aged folks with the time, passion and focus to dedicate to volunteer pursuits.  It’s a great place to be in life.  Inevitably, time marches on to bring health challenges, life changes and moves.  All this to let you know that Harrington Beach Friend’s board has upcoming board vacancies.  If you are the least bit curious about being a part of a non-profit board, join us at our regularly scheduled board meeting on March 24th at 6pm at the Park Office.  No strings attached, no obligation, no pressure.  You are welcome to just observe. 

Thanks to all our Friends and especially my fellow board members as I say "see you later” in April.  The past three years as President has been rewarding as we have built community, worked in the dirt, faced challenges and stuck together to benefit our lovely park, Harrington Beach!

See you around the park!