News from the Park

Spring Comes to Harrington Beach SP

Written by Nancy Hise

Today I saw a robin out in the yard.  Not one robin but a big flock were in the empty lot by my yard.  Spring is here when the robins come north. And the geese are making their way back.

Coming up is our annual dinner/business meeting on Thursday, April 25th.  The Friends will provide dinner at 6PM and the business meeting starts at 6:30PM.  Invitations are going out soon with more details. This meeting is open to the public and members are encouraged to attend. We will be taking nominations for officers of the board ahead of the meeting by contacting us through our email at . If you have questions about the requirements for board members, call Nancy Hise at 920-915-1595 or send us an email.  

Check back often for updates on our upcoming programming and events at the park. Or check out our FaceBook page. Friends of Harrington

Enjoy the robins and warmer temps!  See you at the park.